Custom Electronic Solutions  Inc. is a leader in electronic design and turnkey manufacturing.  We offer an array of services ranging from simple schematic development or board layout all the way through board bring up and manufacturing.

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Quadcopter Vision: This project is foucsing on computer vision for multi-rotor autonomous vehicles and their usage of  various types of sensors.  The goal is  to determine the most stable communication methodology for computer vision for various environments.   Sensors include: ultra sonic, GPS/GPRS, Bluetooth (BLE), Zigbee (mesh network), Wi-Fi and others.

C.E.S. Embedded Engineers are currently working with Sitara Cortex A8/A9 processors with custom Android OS for remote sensing, home automation and IoT applications.

C.E.S. is a full product design house.  We design custom PCB's with today's high speed devices in mind, integrate firmware and do full testing and certification.  We also do custom automation and PLC design for industrial applications and control.